Salad with The flesh of avocados

A delicious and nutritious salad that can be prepared in only fifteen minutes! Not only is every item in this green avocado salad green,

 but it also has a ton of benefits. With the crunchy green apple, bell pepper, and creamy avocado paired with a fresh lime salad dressing

it's really zesty, refreshing, and beautiful. A hit among the masses!

I'm a sucker for avocado salad. One has a great deal of flavor and texture.

 Since avocado, as much as we all adore it, is somewhat tasteless on its own, let's face it. 

However, that is what makes this stunning green fruit so beautiful—it absorbs flavors and transforms into something entirely else.

Avocados are incredibly healthful and full of beneficial fats. I used only green-colored components to make this salad healthier and more environmentally friendly. 

I had no idea the finished salad would taste so good and have so much crunch

You'll enjoy my green avocado salad because of this.

Almost all ingredients for this green avocado salad are everyday ingredients you will find easily at supermarkets or farmer's markets. 

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