Luck Improves For These 5 Chinese Zodiac Signs From May 6-12  

Speak from your heart this week, May 6-12, 2024. Luck will find you if you do. Of course, the five Chinese zodiac signs will enjoy the best luck of all.   

White Lightning
White Lightning

Ox, rabbit, rooster, horse, and tiger. But the rest are encouraged to listen to their emotions and be genuine to themselves.  

White Lightning
White Lightning

This week, Ox, your luck revolves around trusting your instincts about where to put your money or wealth. Some of you are attempting a large project and are well aware of the risks. Luck is here to assist you in making the appropriate selections to increase your efforts and investments exactly as you desire.

White Lightning
White Lightning

1. Ox: Investor's luck

2. Rabbit: Intuitive luck

Rabbit, the energy this week is unusual. Don't be shocked if strange things happen to you under this influence, such as an increase in your intuitive or psychic talents. This phenomena is linked to your luck and will direct you to the most exciting possibilities and adventures.   

3. Rooster: Luck of the traveler

Rooster, this week's energy is all about finding your luck on the road. So create plans and go on activities outside the house. Whether you go hiking or sunbathe by the sea, luck will bring you new opportunities, talks, and even friendships.  

4. Horse: Monetary luck

Horse, your luck this week is like liquid gold! Don't be surprised if you discover ways to earn additional money or receive a financial windfall. Some people will receive this from their family.   

5. Tiger: Adventurous luck!

Tiger, you will discover luck this week by stepping outside of your comfort zone. So, face your fears! It's now or never. A magnificent path awaits you. Don't let it slip away due of critics in your life who lack trust in you. Your luck will guide you onward, so begin on this new adventure.  

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