Chocolate dessert recipe

This luscious affogato requires only three simple ingredients: hot espresso, dark chocolate, and high-quality gelato.

Chocolate affogato

Is there anything more comfortable than chocolate pudding that melts in the middle? Timing is critical here to ensure a molten chocolate core. 

Chocolate molten cake

This no-bake cake will take you to chocolate biscuit nirvana. It is also quick to prepare, taking only 15 minutes. 

Chocolate biscuit cake

Chocolate lovers will like this delectable treat, which is enhanced by a hazelnut and biscuit base. 

Chocolate torte

This table-ready marble cake is a chocolate treat with a big wow factor. Serve it with tea and enjoy the comments. 

Malteser marble cake

This bread and butter pudding with a strong chocolate flavour will quickly become a family favourite. 

Pain au choc bread and butter pudding

This dark and gooey self-saucing pudding is the ideal chocolate dish for anyone with a sweet craving. 

Self-saucing chocolate pudding

This pie's rich, dark cocoa base, chocolate custard, rum mousse, and cloud of whipped cream exude indulgence and combine for an outstanding chocolate dessert. 

Black bottom pie

Nutella truffles

These bite-sized Nutella bites feature a crunchy caramelised hazelnut in the centre.